you have words to say
and they just won’t come out right
no matter how you try and try
you just can’t win the fight

so you put the pen to paper
hoping that will inspire you
instead there’s just a blankness
calling you a fool
still you keep on trying
giving it your all
breathing hope into the darkness
that soon you’ll conquer all 

maybe we will prove
that there’s truth there in the word
though the pen might be feeble
it’s mightier than the sword 


how my last song sounds in my head…just imagine instruments and a better voice… listen if you dare! no really…it’s bad

(10 plays)


when days collide with night
and clouds meld with the stars
you will find me there
mending a broken heart

tears falling
turning into string
using needles made of pain
to keep my heart together 

crooked smiles will mask the grief
makeup hide the weary eyes
putting up a brave front
that’s hard to see through 

but soon I’ll really laugh with joy
fake smiles will be real 
because I learned how to move with life
and let the heart being to heal 


there’s a thing in this world you can’t give up on
no matter how hard you fight there’s no yield to its song
a murmur of love, a wish on a star
a faith in my heart, wherever you are

i’ll share my courage to stand straight and tall
despite what they say, you’ll be above it all
my love for you will never subside
whenever i can i’ll be by your side

together we’ll fight, chase those demons away
and all will look better in the dawn of day
if you ever need strength, i’m not very far
just reach for my hand, i’ll be where you are 

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